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附录:执行 ”make run-matrix”的大致的显示输出

(THU.CST) os is loading ...
check_alloc_page() succeeded!
check_swap() succeeded!
++ setup timer interrupts
I am No.4 philosopher_condvar
Iter 1, No.4 philosopher_condvar is thinking
I am No.3 philosopher_condvar
I am No.1 philosopher_sema
Iter 1, No.1 philosopher_sema is thinking
I am No.0 philosopher_sema
Iter 1, No.0 philosopher_sema is thinking
kernel_execve: pid = 2, name = “matrix”.
pid 14 is running (1000 times)!.
pid 13 is running (1000 times)!.
phi_test_condvar: state_condvar[4] will eating
phi_test_condvar: signal self_cv[4]
Iter 1, No.4 philosopher_condvar is eating
phi_take_forks_condvar: 3 didn’t get fork and will wait
phi_test_condvar: state_condvar[2] will eating
phi_test_condvar: signal self_cv[2]
Iter 1, No.2 philosopher_condvar is eating
phi_take_forks_condvar: 1 didn’t get fork and will wait
phi_take_forks_condvar: 0 didn’t get fork and will wait
pid 14 done!.
pid 13 done!.
Iter 1, No.4 philosopher_sema is eating
Iter 1, No.2 philosopher_sema is eating
pid 18 done!.
pid 23 done!.
pid 22 done!.
pid 33 done!.
pid 27 done!.
pid 25 done!.
pid 32 done!.
pid 29 done!.
pid 20 done!.
matrix pass.
all user-mode processes have quit.
init check memory pass.
kernel panic at kern/process/proc.c:426:
    initproc exit.
Welcome to the kernel debug monitor!!
Type 'help' for a list of commands.
K> qemu: terminating on signal 2